Software development services

We have a verity of software in different sectors. or more details, please click the corresponding tabs according to your requirement.


Our inventory management system will arrange all your sales, purchase, warehouse management, stock, accounting, product management, customer management and report generation under a single application. The core features in this application are including multi warehouse management, bar codes based product identification , various formats reports customization , purchase reorder notification, quotation and invoice management, automatic back up creation and effective customer tracking. Now start a business with us and enjoy the comfort which allows you to consolidate all the functional units of your business into a single integrated inventory and customer controlled system.


No matter there is a small firm or a large one, it is very important to manage your production unit smartly and systematically, and keep track of every operations including raw material purchase, processing, manufacturing, packing, sales, customer management, accounts and reports. Accounting and Inventory management in a production environment is more complex comparing to other business areas. We offer a comprehensive inventory control system for your production unit including improved cost-effective sales, purchase policies, pricing methods, enhanced customer management services, and custom reports for easy decision making process. With years of experience and expertise on the right tools, we are ready to provide you solution to glitches 24X7 hours.

Eye Clinic

Our internet based Eye Clinic Inventory System is specially developed in consultation with ophthalmologists, to identify each and every operational corners of an eye clinic problem. This is perfect software for Ophthalmologists to digitize and automate all their medical records and processes including inventory for pharmacy, patient registrations, bookings, optometry, consultation, and patient medical history reports. This software is used by many famous eye clinics doctors in India.


Managing all your financial operations and reports with a single open source systems is not reliable and safe. We offer a fully integrated accounting system to keep a track of all financial operations including sales, purchase and liabilities with 24x7 hours support. Comprehensive statistical reports are generated from the application by custom order to make the operating progress for business promotion simple and accurate.

Mobile shop

We offer you the most comprehensive software for managing and organizing daily operations and financial transactions of your mobile shop. It enables real time and centralized visibility of your shop’s inventory module in order to process the customer request quickly and have more business arranged. This is integrated with barcode and includes the features such as service related transaction along with trading application.


Stone crusher is a very difficult industry with a challenging environment and tough to manage all the operation manually. We have software based on those facts which is specially designed and developed for crusher industry. It tracks all the process flows in various departments including staff, customer, material sales, material purchase, accounts etc. Our software has been successfully installed and severed for many crushers across India.

Computer Service

It is very difficult for a computer sales and service center to manage their inventory, finance and customer engagements with a seamless list of computer products and features. You can enjoy our great inventory control and customer management software with barcode reader integration for faster service checkouts, timely purchase reorders, on time sales entries, improved customer service, quick report generation and accurate financial records. Our software help the business to manage service operation in a hassle free manner. ​​


Our Textile control inventory management system contains the feature such as inventory, customer management, accounting, sales and purchase management, stock management, staff management and barcode scan product identification; to make you aware about all the operations in your textile industry. Based on the statistical reports, you can easily take decisions for business promotion. It reduces operation cost, and inadequate inventory management by applying the pre planned approach.